A list on known performances during the years. Please, contact us to complete the list.

We planned to make a recording on "Bländad" with the duo Kristall in the autumn 2020. Due to the Covid-situation it is postponed.

Foto: Tilo Stengel



May 10

"Mot havet" (Towards the Ocean) was performed in the church of Mullhyttan by Graham Jarvis (french horn) and Sara Hansen (piano).

The symphonic tone poem "In a time of mysteries" was performed on a concert in Örebro, October 2019.



December 27

"Vinternatt" was performed on concert by Fredrik Helgesson (baritone) and Birgitta Nolgård Jeppson  (piano) at Högerud Church, Arvika.

December 15

"Vinternatt" was performed on cencert by Fredrik Helgesson (baritone) and Ylva Holmstrand (piano) at Eda Church.

October 8

"I en gåtfull tid" (In a time of Mysteries) was performed at the school of music, theatre and art at Örebro University by the Academic Orchestra. Conductor: Anders Nordqvist.

September 15

The  spinoff documentary Land of the Unknown at the factory was premiered at the short film festival Filmörnen in Karlstad. A cooperation with the film maker Evelyn Frankel. See Listen.

August 15

"Dagg och regn" (Dew and rain) was performed on a concert in Vä church by Hässleholm wind quintet, that is Anna Tengstrand (flute), Clara Werle (oboe),  Jonas Enetjärn (clarinet), Ingemar Jonasson (basoont) and Patrik Vannerberg (french horn).

August 7

Micaela Hoppe presented her music at  the parish house in  Östra Ämtervik, Sunne as a part of Sunne Culture week.. "Sommarnatt" (Summer night) was premiered by Lars Audun Hadland (violin).

May 30

"Kiev" was performed on concert by Arvika String Orchestra at School of Music Ingesund, Arvika.

March 24

"Till klarhet" (Insight) was performed by Järfälla Symphonie Orchestra at Järfälla Kulturscen, conductor Hanna Olsson Nordh, soprano saxophone by Linn Persson.

Trio HAV

The Väner qvintet


Beautiful music was heard from Linn Perssons soprano saxophone during the performance of "Insight" with orchestra in Jakobsberg in March 2018.

Decembre 2

"Vinternatt" (Winter Night) was performed on concert at Högerud Church by Fredrik Helgesson (baritone) and Ylva Holmstrand (piano).

August 27

"Mot havet" (Towards the Ocean) was performed by Daniel Brandell (french horn) and Björn Sandström (organl) at Mälarhöjden Church, Stockholm.

August 2

"Undran" (eng. Wonder) in version for oboe, viola, piano, was on concert with Trio HAV in Musicum, Uppsala. Members in Trio HAV are Anna Randelin (oboe), Helga Löfvenius (viola), Victor Förström (piano).

July 27 - 29

"Undran" (Wonder) was performed by Trio HAV in S:t Maria Magdalena Church, in S:t Matthias Church and in S:t Görans Church on Åland.

Juy 20

"Undran" was performed by Trio HAV in Sala Church, Sweden.

July 18

"Undran" (Wonder) version for solo-flute, solo-viola and string quartet (arrangement by Lars Audun Hadland) was on concert at Västervåla Church, Ängelsberg. Performed by Helena Lundkvist (flute), Sara Appelgren (solo-viola), Lars Audun Hadland (violin), Vega Nordqvist (violin), Lars-Arne Axelsson (viola), Annika Nordqvist (violoncello).

July 13

"Natt i staden" (Night in the city) was on concert at Ånimskog Church (Åmål), performed by The Väner Qvintet; that is Johan Kunze (trumpet), Fredrik Toftgård (trumpet), Cici Albinsson (french horn), Jesper Hellberg (trombone), Mattias Andersson (tuba).

A chamber version of "Love songs"  

It was a special moment in Östra Ämtervik when the chamber version of '"Kärlekssånger" (Love songs) was premiered in August 2016. Soprano Anna Elisa Lindqvist sang with a tender feeling together with a string quartet and a clarinet.


Photo: Zoran Pucar

Anna Elisa Lindqvist

August 13

"Blå berg skimrar i motljus" (Blue mountains shimmer in backlight) and "Kärlekssånger" (Love songs) in a version for soprano, clarinet and string quartet, were performed at Södra Ås hembygdsgård, Östra Ämtervik, Värmland. Musicians: Lars Audun Hadland (conductor /violin), Lars Magnus Steinum (violin), My Wilsberg (viola), Ludvig Claeson (violoncello), Ida Kateraas (clarinet), Anna Elisa Lindqvist (soprano). Part from concert on YouTube: Blue mountains, Love songs

July 13

"När natten smeker dagen till vila" was performed at Åmål Church. Musicians: Sofia Eriksson (soprano), Cici Albinsson (french horn), Daniel Johansson (organ).

April 8 -

June 17

Okänt land (Land of the Unknown) on tour in Varmland: Varmland film festival (Arvika), the art society Kolonin (Arvika), Ingesund School of music (Arvika), Region Värmland (Karlstad), Sunne Public library. Linkto trailer.

March 5 -

April 3

The official premiere of Okänt land at Värmland Museum, Karlstad.

March 8

"Blå berg skimrar i motljus" (Blue mountains shimmer in backlight) for string orchestra and clarinet was premiered by I Solisti Veneti at auditorium Pollini in Padova, Italy. Clarinet: Lorenzo Guzzoni. Conductor: Claudio Scimone.

February 16

The art video installation Okänt land (Land of the Unknown) was prepremiered at the industry Rottneros Bruk - the place where it all started. The trailer was filmed on this occation.

January 16

"Solo för ensam violin" (Solo for a Lonely Violin) was premiered at Maria Church, Jakobsberg (Stockholm) by Lars Audun Hadland.

In March 2016 Land of the Unknown

was premiered at Varmland Museum

Okänt land (eng. Land of the Unknown) is the result from a close cooperation between Micaela Hoppe and the film maker Evelyn Frankel.

Land of the Unknown is an art video installation, looping on three screens. 

The installation was partly financed by Region Värmland as an innovative project.

The film above is made later on in a version with the three video projections set up on the factory area where the film was shot. 

The music in Land of the Unknown is based on "Till klarhet" (eng. Insight) which was originally written for live preformance with three full size movie screens surrounding the orchestra.

 A cykle of five songs was premiered in Gothenburg...

"Kärlekssånger" (Love songs) is a private initiative from the lyricist Göran Hellekant. For a long time he wanted to have some of his own poetry set to music and was waiting for the right composer. When he heard music by Micaela Hoppe on the radio station P2, he contacted her right away.

The result is five songs for mezzo-soprano, baritone och and symphony orchestra. A story told in a cykle of five songs. Or five separate music pieces, if you like. 


The italian top orchestra

I Solisti Veneti premiered 

"Blue mountains shimmer in backlight"

The music (the orchestra version) was chosen by I Solisti Veneti out of 140 different contributions from all over the world.

Lorenzo Guzzoni told Micaela Hoppe that he could relate to the blue mountains described in the piece considering his own upgrowing in the Dolomites, a massif in the north of Italy.

Lorenzo Guzzoni


Nov. 19

"När han är framme" (As he arrives) was premiered in Farsta Center Church (Farsta, Stockholm). Musicians: William Baker (tenor), Eva-Tea Lundberg (french horn), Karin Hagberg (piano).

August 9

"När natten smeker dagen till vila" was be performed at Edsleskog Church (Dalsland) by Sofia Eriksson (soprano), Cici Albinsson (french horn) and Daniel Johansson (organ).

August 5

"Kiev" (string orchestra) was performed by Kalmar Musiksällskap (Kalmar Music Society) in Kalmar Town Park. Conductor Hans-Erik Holgersson.

March 15

"Kärlekssånger" (Love Songs) was premiered at Johanne Church, Gothenburg. Lyrics by Göran Hellekant. The piece consists of five songs, 25 min. music. Performers were Emelie Fredriksson (mezzo soprano), Oscar Quiding (baritone), conductor Finn Rosengren and orchestra Cappella Summarum.

...and a piece for tenor was premiered in Farsta 

A trio of a tenor, a french horn player and a pianist was looking for new repertoire and Micaela Hoppe was in the mood of making music.

Peter Mickwitz words met Micaela Hoppes music in "När han är framme" (As he arrives). A dramatic poem in boogie-woogie-style. 

June 29

"Dagg och regn" (Dew and rain) was performed by a wind quintet from ProMusica at the German Church, Stockholm. Musicians: Margareta Zowczak (flute), Ingar Lindholm (oboe), Peter Maracateus (clarinet), Tomas Franzén (bassoon) and RoseMarie Pettersson (french horn).

April 18-20

Frankel & Hoppe. An exhibition in Västra Ämtervik (Sunne, Värmland) showing cooperation between the filmmaker Evelyn Frankel and the composer Micaela Hoppe. Link to a short movie about the exhibition. Link to Glaskupan (The glas cover).

March 8

"Till klarhet" (Insight) in the version for wind orchestra and "Eld och vatten" (Fire and Water) were performed on concert in Årsta Folkets hus, Stockholm, by Postorkestern, conductor Niclas Blixt. Soloist on soprano saxophone and clarinet: Torbjörn Dyrvold.

March 2

"Undran" (Wonder) was performed by Feminissimo in the Olaus Petri Church, Örebro. Musicians: Annette Gällstedt (flute), Tania Frid (viola) and Ingeborg Lindqvist Torstensson (piano)

February 9

"Undran" (Wonder) was performed by Feminissimo at the Nobel Museum, Karlskoga. Musicians: Annette Gällstedt (flute), Tania Frid (viola) and Ingeborg Lindqvist Torstensson (piano)

February 2

"Vinternatt" (Winter Night) was sung by Fredrik Helgesson (baritone) at Kila Church, Säffle. Piano: Anders Segerström..

From Okänt land (Land of the Unknown) - work-in-progress

From Glaskupan (The glass cover)

From Bara damer (Ladies only)

An unique film- and

music exhibition

- in the middle of Värmland

The composer Micaela Hoppe and the film maker Evelyn Frankel showed their collaborations in the 2014'th art tour around the upper part of Fryksdalen.

For example:

  • "Glaskupan" - a surrealistic story about a child collecting flies.
  • "Bara damer" - a documentary on women in a  willage sauna.
  • "Okänt land" - an early version showed as work-in-progress, with three full size cinema-screens enclosing the audience at the same time as the music was heard from speakers.

"Blue mountains shimmer in backligh"

was premiered at the grand opening

of the Culture Week in Sunne in 2013

The original is written for clarinet and string quartet. Later on Micaela Hoppe made this music video. The sceneries are shot in the nature in and around Fryksdalen, the valley that inspired her to write this music.

The musicans on the recording are more or less the same as on the premiere.


Decembre 21

"Vinternatt" (Winter Night) was sung by Fredrik Helgesson (baritone) in Ny Church, Arvika. Piano: Birgitta Nolgård Jeppsson.

Decembre 20

"Kom juletid" (Welcome Christmas time) was premiered on a christmas concert in Västra Ämtervik Church by the church choire of V. Ämtervik and ths choire Sångverkstaden. Piano: Eva Adolfsson.

Decembre 20

"Vinternatt" (Winter Night) was sung by Fredrik Helgesson (baritone) in Gillberga Church, Säffle. Piano: Anders Segerström.

August 4

"Blå berg skimrar i motljus" (Blue mountains shimmer in backlight) was premiered on the grand opening of Sunne Culture Week at Rottneros park in Sunne. Musicians: Johnny Hedlund (clarinet in A), Mattias Johansson (violin), Wanja Rese (violin), Fredrik Hulthe (viola), Sam Bäckström (violoncello).

August 1

"Till klarhet" (Insight) in a version for soprano saxophone and wind orchestra was premiered at the wind music festival in Tartu, Estland. Conductor: Niclas Blixt. Soprano saxophone: Torbjörn Dyrvold.

June 2

"Vid randen" (At the border) was premiered by the ladies choire La Capella conducted by Karin Eklundh. Piano: Eva Jehrlinder. Location: The Alfvén Hall, Uppsala.

March 1

"Mot havet" (eng. Towards the Ocean) was played by Micaela Hoppe (french horn) and Carina Tholf (organ). "När natten smeker dagen till vila" was aso preformed at the samt time with the same musicians and the soprano part was sung by Gunna Einarsdottir in Mikaeli Church, Arvika.

"Insight"  on the wind music festival in Tartu, Estland

J. Björklund, E. Kaledina

John Björklund and Elena Kaledina premiered Middagssol (eng. Midday sun) in August 2011.

Nov. 11

"111111 - A fanfar for a special wedding" was premiered at the Finnish Church, Stockholm. Musicians: Micaela Hoppe (french horn) and Ove Holmberg (trombone).

August 7

"Middagssol" (Midday sun) was performed in Katarina Church, Sala, by John Björklund (bassoon) och Elena Kaledina (piano).

August 4

"Middagssol" (Midday sun) was premiered in Norrbärke Church, Smedjebacken by John Björklund (bassoon) and Elena Kaledina (piano).

July 13

"Längsmed vindarna" (Along the winds) was performed in Norbergs Church, with the same musicians as July 12.

July 12

"Längsmed vindarna" (Along the winds) written for flute, clarinet and string quartet was premiered in Västervåla Church, Ängelsberg by Annette Gällstedt (flute), Lars Haglund (clarinet), Helena Strandberg and Harriet Nordenholm (violins), Niklas Karlsson (viola) and Michael Grebner (violoncello).

June 8

"Dagg och regn" (Dew and rain) was heard in the German Church in Old town, Stockholm, performed by Margareta Zowczak (flute), Ingar Lindholm (oboe), Peter Maracateus (clarinet), Tomas Franzén (bassoon) and RoseMarie Pettersson (french horn).

October 28

"Undran"  (Wonder) for flute, viola and piano was premiered in the Mission house at Närkes Kil, north of Örebro. Musicians: Annette Gällsted (flute), Tania Frid (viola) and Ingeborg Lindqvist Torstenson (piano).



Decembre 6

"Kiev" (string quartet) was premiered at Mazerska in Stockholm. Musicians: Harriet Nordenholm (violin), Anders Gustafsson (violin), Klara Bolander Laksov (viola), Ylva Bengtsson (violoncello).

October 10

"I en gåtfull tid" (In a time of mysteries) was performed by Luleå Orchestra Society at The house of Culture (Kulturens Hus), Luleå. Conductor: Merete Ellegaard, ciceron Sven Wollter. Read the review below.

October 6

An interview with  in swedish national radio station P2. Part one of "Dagg och regn" (Dew and rain) was played, in a recording with Bergslagen Wind Quintet.

Septembre 17

A music video on "Vindar, andetag" (Winds, breaths) was shown at Varmland Museum, Karlstad.

August 13

"Dagg och regn" (Dew and rain) part 1, was performed at the opera bar in Kopparberg by Maria Jonsson (flute), Sara Ståhlberg (oboe), Mattias Larsson (clarinet), Thalia Thunander (bassoon), Eva-Tea Lundberg (french horn).

June 12

"Till klarhet" (Insight) was played by Johnny Hedlund on soprano saxophone and string orchestra from Karlstad Symphony Orchestra at Varmland Museum, Karlstad. Conductor: Mats Kästel.

May 23

Premiere performende on "I en gåtfull tid" (In a time of mysteries) - a symphonic tone poem in three parts - by Järfälla Symphony Orchestra in Jakobsberg. Conductor: Jonas Dominique

May 3

"Dagg och regn" (Dew and rain) was played iat Mazerska in Stockholm by Margareta Zowczak (flute), Ingar Lindholm (oboe), Peter Maracateus (clarinet), Tomas Franzén (bassoon) and RoseMarie Pettersson (french horn).

March 28

Premiere performance on "Eld och vatten" (Fire and water) at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm by the Mail Orchestra (Postorkestern) and Södra Latins Music gymnaium. Clarinet solo by Torbjörn Dyrvold. Conductor: Martin Conradsson.

March 12

"Mot havet" (Towards the ocean) was performed in Kumla Church by Micaela Hoppe (french horn) and Jörgen Martinson (organ).

An extraordinary piece for the ladies choire

The music "Vid randen" (At the border)  is written for the ladies choire and the text is a kind of mystery. Some people were fascinated, others thought it was incomprehensible. How do you describe the border for the human knowledge? The conditions of human beeings and the limit of the consciousness?

The music piece was premiered on June 2 in 2013 by La Capella in Uppsala, conducted by Karin Eklundh.

A comissioned piece for Feminissimo

Feminissimo ordered a music piece for flute, viola and piano. The result is "Undran". The piece has been asked for by other ensembles, and at least two  rearrangements have been done.

In the video you can hear Feminissimo play the origin.

2010 - an eventful year

"In a time of mysteries" was premiered in Jakobsberg by a symphony orchestra. Later on it was performed also in Luleå.

"Fire and water" written for solo clarinet and symphonic wind orchestra was premiered in Stockholm.

"Kiev" (the original version for string quartet) was premiered in Stockholm.

"Insight" for soprano saxophone and string orchestra was performed at Varmland Museum, Karlstad.

Swedish national radio station P2 payed attenation to Micaela Hoppe and her music.


Review in Norrbottens-kuriren 2010-10-11 about "In a time of mysteries":

 "The music piece and the composer was a nice acquaintanceship. With a traditional musical language she makes the music naturally flow into new ideas, one after the other. It is like the inner context of the music makes the piece stick togeteher. Fascinating!"

July 16

A premiere performance on "Vindar, andetag" (Winds, breaths) written for string orchestra, three flutes, glocken spiel and harp. Musicians: Eva Karsvik (piccolo flute), Helena Lundkvist (flute), Anette Gällstedt (alto flute), Teri Lee Eriksson (harp),Niklas Vikersjö (glocken spiel). String orchestra from Bergslagen Chamber Symphonics. Conductor: Stefan Sundqvist.

July 16

"Natt i staden" (Night in the city) was performed at Hörken Church (Grängesberg, Dalarna) by the same musicans as on July 13.

July 13

"Natt i staden" (Night in the City) was performed in Grängesberg Church by musicians from Bergslagen Chamber Symphonics. Conductor: Claes Strömbladh.

May 23

"Till klarhet" (Insight) was premiered at Gagnef Church (Dalarna) by soloist Johnny Hedlund on soprano saxophone and the string orchestra Capella Sine Nomine from Stockholm. Read review in DalaDemokraten below.

May 14

"När natten smeker dagen till vila" was played at the Cathedral of Karlstad by Karin Ohlsson (soprano), Hans Nordenborg (organ) and Miriam Rahnert (french horn).

"Winds, breaths"

This piece is written for three flutes (piccolo, flute, alto flute), harp, glocken spiel and string orchestra. It was premiered by Bergslagen chamber symphonics in July 2009. A part of the premiere performance could be heard in the video below.


The soprano saxophone in focus  

The music piece "Insight" is the basic element of the soundtrack in the video art installation Okänt land (Land of the unknown).

"Insight" for soprano saxophone and string orchestra was premiered in May 2009 by soloist Johnny Hedlund and Capella Sine Nomine. A rewiever from DalaDemokraten was also present in the audience.

In the video Terra incognita to the right a part from "Insight" could be heard with Johnny Hedlund. 

Review in DalaDemokraten


"The music by Micaela Hoppe is expressive and emotionally strong. It is rare to hear new compositions with such a strong melodic line as this. The instrumentation is made in a confident way. There is a nice contrast between the orchestra repeating the sound as a kind of motor and the free soloist."

'Terra incognita' is the latin expression for 'land of the unknown'. It was written back in the days on old, hand drawn maps describing undetected areas.

"Ocean" premiered

Music written for the big

symphony orchestra

Conductor Toomas Kapten

"Hav" (Ocean) was composed by Micaela Hoppe for Bergslagen Chamber Symphonics as she was chosen composer in residence by the orchestra.

Review in Nya Ludvika Tidning


"The music piece reflects the different characters of the ocean. It is traditionally notated in the score and there is a stable pulse throughout the different parts. Some times the sound is very traditional, just to turn modern the very next second. The music piece is really interesting in many ways and I find myself thinking of how this could be marketed so that other symphony orchestras could get the opportunity to play it. 

The calm parts reflects the peacefulnes of a tranquil ocean, while the more intensive parts on the other hand are stormy and powerful. The waves seem to move fast and strong towards the rocks and the orchestra is really successful in creating the right atmosphere."

July 19

"Hav", written for a big, romantic symphony orchestra was premiered by Bergslagen Chamber Symphonics. Conductor: Toomas Kapten. A review could be red to the right.

July 17

"Natt i staden" (Night in the city) was premiered in Norrbärke Church (Smedjebacken, Dalarna). Musicians: Stefan Sundqvist, Jakob Larsen (trumpets), Martin Florin (french horn), Ove Holmberg (trombone), Olof Kjellström (tuba), Niklas Vikersjö, Tobias Bergström (percussion).

July 14

"På strövtåg med Torn-Erik" (Strolling with Torn-Erik) was performed by Berslagen Wind Quintet together with soloist Ove Holmberg on trombone in Grängesberg Church. "Liten godnattvisa" (A little lullaby) and "När nattfrosten biter" (As the night frost stings) were also performed on the concert.

May 31

"När natten smeker dagen till vila" was premiered in Nöre Pålstorp, Dalum (Ulricehamn community) by Gunna Einarsdottir (soprano), Micaela Hoppe (french horn) and Margaretha Thor (organ).

March 29

"När nattfrosten biter" (As the night frost stings) was premiered by Bergslagen Wind Quintet and Ove Holmberg on trombone in Västerås Concert Hall.

February 17

A concert at Ljusnarsberg parish home, Kopparberg, by Bergslagen Wind Quintet. Same program as on October 27-28 2007 in Denmark.

February 3

Nordjysk Sinfonietta performs "Dagg och regn" (Dagg och regn) on concert in Fredrikshavn.

Oct. 27-28

Bergslagen Wind Quintet and Ove Holmberg on trombone participate at the Nordic Ensemble Festival, Fredrikshavn, Denmark. Concert October 27 at Dronningslunds Kunstcenter (Art Center) and October 28 at Det Musiske Hus. "Dagg och regn" (Dew and rain), "Liten godnattvisa" (A little lullaby) and "På strövtåg med Torn-Erik" (Strolling with Torn-Erik) were performed.

July 11 -12

Bergslagen Wind Quintet plays "Dagg och regn" (Dew and rain) in Grangärde Church and Hörken Church (Dalarna).

July 9

"Dagg och regn" (Dew and rain) was premiered at Grängesberg Church by Bergslagen Wind Quintet. Musicians: Annette Gällstedt (flute), Thomas Karlsson (oboe), Emelie Adolfsson (clarinet), John Björklund (bassoon), Micaela Hoppe (french horn).


A premiere performance at Västerås Concert Hall

"Dew and rain" at the Nordic Ensemble Festival in Denmark