Chosen by I Solisti Veneti

I Solisti Veneti - the world famous italian chamber orchestra - premiered "Blue mountains shimmer in backlight" for clarinet and string orchestra in March 2016 in Padova, Italy with Lorenzo Guzzoni on clarinet.
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The music piece was chosen from 140 different applications /scores from 26 different countries.

Listen to I Solisti Veneti:

"Blue Mountains shimmer in Backlight"

The Divine Commedie set into music in a unique cooperation

Between 2016 and 2019 Micaela Hoppe and the violinist /composer Lars Audun Hadland have been composing the Divine Comedy. Dante wrote the text in the 1400 century and it is considered one of the main works in the history of literature.

Divina Commedia have been composed for mezzo-soprano on the original language italian with original music written for advanced string orchestra.

It consists of three parts: INFERNO, PURGATORIO and PARADISO.

Durata: 30 min.


Whispers and cries

In 2019 M. Hoppe started to compose a bunch of solo pieces for french horn.

The project is called Whispers and cries.

Composing for the

duo Kristall

Foto: Tilo Stengel

Micaela Hoppe have composed "Bländad" (eng. Dazzled) for the duo Kristall, upon av poem by Annika Andersson.


Music for meditation and

relaxation, made in a 

studio program.

Yet another piece is at stake in this suite. In that case the studio music needs to be completed with genuine musicians, so we have to wait until the Covid-situation is better to make proper recordings. 

A musical drama is coming up

At the moment Micaela Hoppe collaborates with the dramatist Christofer Bocker in an unique piece for doouble choires, soloists and musicians.

The preimere was planned at Karlstad cathedral in spring 2021. The project has been delayed due to the Covid-situation. 

Work in progress:

  • A piece for two choires, soloists and ensemble with text by Christofer Bocker.
  • The Swedish French Horn Society has comissioned a music piece for french horn and pianoforte.
  • A solo piece for violoncello.
  • A piece for brass and percussion.
  • Solo pieces for french horn.