Micaela Hoppe


The composition of the Divina Commedia is completed!

Since 2016 Micaela Hoppe and the violinist /composer Lars Audun Hadland have been composing the Divine Comedy. Dante wrote the text in the 1400 century and it is considered one of the main works in the history of literature.


Divina Commedia have been composed for mezzo-soprano on the original language italian with original music written for advanced string orchestra. It consists of three parts: INFERNO, PURGATORIO and PARADISO. Durata: 30 min.

PARADISO was recorded in 2016. If you are interested to know more about this - don't hesitate to contact us!

Enjoy "Vinternatt" - a new christmas song

A recording from Rackstad Museum in Arvika, from November 2017. Watch /listen to the music video:

Fredrik Helgesson, baritone, is working as a singer at the Gothenburg Opera Choire.


Ylva Holmstrand is pianist and has written the pianoarrangement.


Micaela Hoppe has written the lyrics as well composed the music.


Tickticktick took care of the recording, mix and master.

Photo: Tilo Stengel

"Till klarhet" (eng. Insight) on concert

"Till klarhet" was performed by Linn Persson (soprano saxophone) and the strings in Järfälla Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Hanna Ohlson Nordh, in Jakobsberg on March 24. A prt from the music can be heard

Moln - a video poem

Video poems from Paris!

The first video poem from Paris can be seen above. The recordings were made in Paris during 2013 - 2017.


In November 2016 M. Hoppe recieved an award from the Bengt Axelsson culture foundation with the motivation "For her art to transform Värmland into beautiful music". The beneficiaries are chosen by the association Värmlandslitteratur.

I Solisti Veneti premiered Micaela Hoppe

I Solisti Veneti - the world famous italian chamber orchestra - premiered "Blue mountains shimmer in backlight" for clarinet and string orchestra in March 2016 in Padova, Italy. See program.

The music piece was chosen from 140 different applications /scores from 26 different countries.

OKÄNT LAND - an unique art video installation

"In the ancient hand-drawn maps the name Terra incognita was used for areas, that were still unexplored and unknown country.

Similarly, each human has their own map, and their own seeking. A journey that begins in the known and goes further out into the unknown."

The video art installation OKÄNT LAND (eng. Land of the Unknown) and is the results of a close cooperation between Micaela Hoppe and the filmmaker Evelyn Frankel. The art installation has recieved allowance from Region Värmland as an innovatory project. The installation was on tour during 2016 in different places around Värmland.

LISTEN to the soundtrack: