A list on known performances during the years. Please, contact us to complete the list.


Aug. 7, 2018

at 18:00

Micaela Hoppe talks about her music at the parish home of Östra Ämtervik, Sunne. "Sommarnatt" (eng. Summer night) will be premiered by violinist Lars Audun Hadland.


May 30, 2018

"Kiev" was performed on concert by Arvika String Orchestra at School of Music Ingesund, Arvika.

March 24, 2018

"Till klarhet" (eng.Insight) was performed by Järfälla Symphonie Orchestra at Järfälla Kulturscen, conductor Hanna Olsson Nordh, soprano saxophone by Linn Persson.

Photo from the music video "Undran"

August 13

"Blå berg skimrar i motljus" (Blue mountains shimmer in backlight), "Kärlekssånger" (Love songs) in a version for soprano, clarinet and string quartet, "Eagles in the Sky" (premier performance) were performed at Södra Ås hembygdsgård, Östra Ämtervik, Värmland. Musicians: Lars Audun Hadland (conductor /violin), Lars Magnus Steinum (violin), My Wilsberg (violin /viola), Ludvig Claeson (violoncello), Ida Kateraas (clarinet), Anna Elisa Lindqvist (soprano). Part from concert on YouTube: Blue mountains, Love songs

July 13

"När natten smeker dagen till vila" performed at Åmåls Church. Musicians: Sofia Eriksson (soprano), Cici Albinsson (french horn), Daniel Johansson (Daniel Johansson).

June 4 - 17

Okänt land (Land of the Unknown) at Sunne Library.

Link to trailer.

May 19 -

June 2i

Okänt land at Region Värmland, Karlstad.

May 9 - 18

Okänt land at Ingesund College of Music.

April 10 - 17

Okänt land at the art association Kolonin, Arvika.

April 8 - 10

Okänt land on the art association Kolonin, Arvika.

March 5 -

April 3

The official premiere of Okänt land at Värmland Museum, Karlstad.


March 8

"Blå berg skimrar i motljus" (eng. Blue mountains shimmer in backlight, it. Montagne blu brillano in controluce) for string orchestra and clarinet was premiered by I Solisti Veneti at auditorium Pollini in Padova, Italy. Clarinet: Lorenzo Guzzoni, conductor: Claudio Scimone.

February 16

The artvideo installation Okänt land (Land of the Unknown) was prepremiered at the industry Rottneros Bruk - the place where it all started. The trailer was filmed on this occation.

January 16

"Solo för ensam violin" (Solo for Lonely Violin) was premiered at Maria Church, Jakobsberg (Stockholm) by Lars Audun Hadland.


Lorenzo Guzzoni

From Okänt land

Okänt land at Palladium, Arvika

Trio HAV



Dec. 2

"Vinternatt" was performed on concert in Högerud Church by Fredrik Helgesson (baritone) and Ylva Holmstrand (piano).

August 27

"Mot havet" (eng. Towards the Ocean) was performed by Daniel Brandell (french horn) and Björn Sandström (organl) at Mälarhöjdens Church, Stockholm.

August 2

"Undran" (eng. Wonder) in version for oboe, viola, piano, was on concert with Trio HAV in Musicum, Uppsala. Members in Trio HAV are Anna Randelin (oboe), Helga Löfvenius (viola), Victor Förström (piano).

July 29

"Undran" (eng. Wonder) was on concert with Trio HAV at S:t Maria Magdalena Church, Föglö, Åland.

July 28

"Undran" (eng. Wonder) was on concert with Trio HAV at S:t Görans Church, Mariehamn, Åland.

July 27

"Undran" (eng. Wonder) was on concert with Trio HAV at S:t Matthias Church, Vårdö, Åland.

July 20

"Undran" as above, in concert at Sala Church.

July 18

"Undran" (eng Wonder) version for solo-flute, solo-viola and string quartet (arr Lars Audun Hadland) was on concert at Västervåla church, Ängelsberg. Performed by Helena Lundkvist (flute), Sara Appelgren (solo-viola), Lars Audun Hadland (violin), Vega Nordqvist (violin), Lars-Arne Axelsson (viola), Annika Nordqvist (violoncello).

July 13

"Natt i staden" (eng. Night in the city) was on concert at Ånimskog church (Åmål), performed by Vänerkvintetten; that is Johan Kunze (trumpet), Fredrik Toftgård (trumpet), Cici Albinsson (french horn), Jesper Hellberg (trombone), Mattias Andersson (tuba).

November 19

"När han är framme" (As he arrives) was premiered in Farsta Centrumkyrka Church (Farsta, Stockholm). Musicians: William Baker (tenor), Eva-Tea Lundberg (french horn), Karin Hagberg (piano).

August 9

"När natten smeker dagen till vila" was be performed in Edsleskog Church (Dalsland) by Sofia Eriksson (soprano), Cici Albinsson (French Horn) and Daniel Johansson (organ).

August 5

"Kiev" (stringorchestra) was performed by Kalmar Musiksällskap (Kalmar Music Society) in Kalmar Town Park. Conductor Hans-Erik Holgersson.

March 15

"Kärlekssånger" ( Love Songs) was premiered at Johanneskyrkan, Gothenburg. Lyrics by Göran Hellekant. The piece consists of five songs, 25 min. music. Performers were Emelie Fredriksson (mezzosoprano), Oscar Quiding (baritone), conductor Finn Rosengren, orchestra Cappella Summarum.

From Okänt land

June 29

"Dagg och regn" (eng. Dew and Rain) was performed by a wind quintet from ProMusica in Tyska Kyrkan (the German Church), Stockholm. Musicians were Margareta Zowczak (flute), Ingar Lindholm (oboe), Peter Maracateus (clarinet), Tomas Franzén (basoon) and RoseMarie Pettersson (french horn).

April 18-20

Frankel & Hoppe - film and music

An exhibition in Västra Ämtervik (Sunne, Värmland) showing cooperation between the filmmaker Evelyn Frankel and composer Micaela Hoppe. Link to a short movie about the exhibition. Link to Glaskupan.

March 8

"Till klarhet" (eng. Insight) in version for Wind Orchestra and "Eld och vatten" (eng. Fire and Water) were performed on concert in Årsta Folkets hus, Stockholm, by Postorkestern, conductor Niclas Blixt, soloist on soprano saxophone and clarinet Torbjörn Dyrvold.

March 2

"Undran" (eng. Wondering) was performed by Feminissimo in the Olaus Petri Church, Örebro. Musicians: Annette Gällstedt (flute), Tania Frid (viola) and Ingeborg Lindqvist Torstensson (piano)

February 9

"Undran" (eng. Wondering) was performed by Feminissimo at the Nobel Museum, Karlskoga. Musicians: Annette Gällstedt (flute), Tania Frid (viola) and Ingeborg Lindqvist Torstensson (piano)

February 2i

"Vinternatt" (eng. Winter Night) was sung by Fredrik Helgesson (baritone) in Kila kyrka, Säffle. Piano: Anders Segerström..


From Glaskupan


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