Swedish lyrics wanted!

I'm looking for a swedish poem or similar for a mixed choire, to be composed during autumn /winter.

The text could be in free form, that is no need for rhyme or a certain rhythm. Contact me!

One more music video is on the way

"Natt i staden" (eng. Night in the City) for brass quintet and percussion, was composed in 2008.


In the autumn 2017 it will be recorded with Vänerkvintetten, that is Johan Kunze (trumpet), Fredrik Toftgård (trumpet), Cici Albinsson (french horn), Jesper Hellberg (trombone), Mattias Andersson (tuba).

Composing Divina Commedia by Dante

The Divine Comedy by Dante is set to music right now in cooperation with the violinist /composer Lars Audun Hadland. The Divine Comedy was written in the 1400 century and is considered one of the main works in the history of literature.

It is beeing composed in the original language italian and comprises of three parts: INFERNO, PURGATORIO and PARADISO.

PARADISO was recorded in the autumn 2016. In a short time a sample will be available here on the home page.

OKÄNT LAND (Land of the Unknown) - an unique art video installation

"In the ancient hand-drawn maps the name Terra incognita was used for areas, that were still unexplored and unknown country.

Similarly, each human has their own map, and their own seeking. A journey that begins in the known and goes further out into the unknown."

LISTEN to the soundtrack:

The art installation OKÄNT LAND (eng. Land of the Unknown) and is the results of a close cooperation between Micaela Hoppe and the filmmaker Evelyn Frankel. The art installation has recieved allowance from Region Värmland as an innovatory project. The installation was on tour during 2016 in different places around Värmland.

"Vinternatt" (eng. Winter night) will be recorded in November, performed by baritone Fredrik Helgesson and pianist Ylva Holmberg

I Solisti Veneti premiered M. Hoppe

I Solisti Veneti - the italian world famous chamber orchestra - premiered "Blue mountains shimmer in backlight" for clarinet and string orchestra in March 2016 in Padova, Italy. See program.

The music piece was chosen from 140 different applications /scores from 26 different countries.

LISTEN to the premiere:


On November 18, at the book festival of Värmland, Micaela Hoppe recieved an award of 10.000 SEK from Bengt Axelsson culture foundation with the motivation:

"For her art to transform Värmland into beautiful music".


The exhibitioner are beeing chosen by the association Värmlandslitteratur.